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    We understand, in a world that is forcing people to become ever more isolated, that nothing can quite take away from the charm of meeting people face to face in a physical space. We have valued being able to offer a place where people could exchange ideas freely and gather to discuss the storm that is the current political climate. Our most valued memories will be witnessing the awe young folks have in discovering zines and radical literature for the first time, being able to host outdoor and indoor movie screenings, readings, and political meetings, and, most importantly, being a place that strived to be a voice for prisoners. We understand the necessity of spaces like this to exist and hope another will again in Bloomington. Thank you to everyone who has supported us financially, materially, emotionally - you may not know it, but often your support came at a time when we couldn’t have continued without it. Our future projects may look different, but we’re not going anywhere. Whether under the moniker of Boxcar or not, we’ll be fighting for change and finding new places to meet. We hope to find you there.
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Closing Statement

The climate and landscape in Bloomington has been changing rapidly. This is clear on any drive or walk around town, particularly around Kirkwood, the Square, and in the areas off […]


Boxcar Books is open:

Monday 12PM – 9PM
Tuesday 11AM – 4PM
Wednesday 11AM – 8PM
Thursday 11AM – 4PM
Saturday 2PM – 5PM
Sunday 10AM – 5PM

(We will be open other hours for special events
& other occasions; give us a call!)

Parking is available behind the bookstore.
We welcome folks to use the parking lot instead of adding money to the parking meters which funds additional police patrols and surveillance. We just ask that folks limit use of the parking spaces to one or two hours so that others may also use the lot.

408 E. 6th St. Bloomington, IN 47408
(Right next to The Runcible Spoon Restaurant!)
(812) 339-8710