Friends of Boxcar

Want to get 10% off everything in the store for life? Become our friend. Get a Friends of Boxcar membership for only a minimum of $10 (Although we do encourage a larger donation. After all, it is 10% off for life!). Contact us at

Benefits of becoming an FOB:

  • 10% off everything in the store for life!an additional 10% off the Sections of the Month!
  • pride in supporting a local non-profit, volunteer-powered business dedicated to the distribution of independent, educational, popular, and/or radical publications!

Sections of the Month: Every month as an FOB you will receive an additional 10% off (on top of your regular 10% discount) books from the sections selected for each month... different sections selected every month. As an FOB you will receive an email at the start of each month informing you of the Sections of the Month.


March Sections of the Month!