Links to allies and affiliates

Local Projects & Organizations

Publishers & Presses

  • Eberhardt Press—Eberhardt Press, established in 2004, is dedicated to bringing anarchist and anti-authoritarian voices to print.
  • Little Black Cart—Anarchist press & distro out of Oakland, CA.
  • Rar Rar Press—A sweet little letterpress run by a former Boxcar Books volunteer & collective member.
  • Untorelli Press—Untorelli Press is a literature production group focusing on critical insurrectional approaches to nihilist, queer, anti-civilizational, and anarchist theory and practice.  We take our name from the prejorative title given to autonomia by the Italian Communist Party.  As untorelli (plague-carriers), we seek to propagate our textual diseases and contribute to the plague of anarchy.

Independent Bookstores

Prisoner Support Sites

  • Sean Swain— Anarchist & anti-authoritarian prisoner, writer, and artist.

Other Projects

  • Anti-state STL— A clearinghouse of anti-capitalist news and analyses in metro St. Louis which also publishes the Missouri Prison Newsletter.
  • The Final Straw Radio—The Final Straw is an hour-long radio show that strives to provide information and contribute to awareness of and participation in self-liberatory activities around the world by providing a platform to English-language listeners to learn about current struggles and ideas.  Simply stated, we promote non-sectarian Anarchism(s) to enrich the struggle and widen participation in the battles against Capital, State & Coercion.  We believe that the liberation of each is tied to the liberation of all, and so work to cover struggles against Prisons, Police, Sexism, Racism, Hetero-patriarchy and able-ism.  We support autogestion and autonomy.